Before and After

Take a look at our clients' before and after photos and you'll see the difference.

After your experience at Daniel George, you'll walk away looking taller, leaner and overall, more confident.

Proper fit comes from more than just the numbers taken from the measuring tape

It takes an experienced clothier to document your posture, shoulder slope and balance, elements commonly overlooked by others

What an amazing experience! As a larger man looking for new clothes is often a stressful and unpleasant experience. Daniel and his staff made my visit the best experience I ever had when buying clothes. I look forward to my next visit to add to my wardrobe.
— Gary E. 8/30/17

Common problems and how we address them:


  • Big, padded, "Frankenstein" shoulders are unflattering, adding width and weight. Softening the shoulder and shortening the point-to-point make you look taller and leaner.
  • Say goodbye to boxy. A higher armhole allows for a more flattering silhouette through the chest and along the arms. This visually reduces weight and adds another inch or so to a man's stature.
  • Disproportionate upper vs. lower body. You’re not just a Short, Regular or Long. The length of the suit jacket or sport coat, including your sleeve length, is carefully chosen based on the length of your legs, arms, torso and overall height.
  • The unattractive gut. The correct button stance or placement, along with lapel width, helps to accentuate the shoulder and reduce the appearance of a belly.
  • No butt, no problem. A clean silhouette through the hips and a slightly shorter rise can work magic in shaping your rear and elongating the appearance of your legs.