bespoke suits
Beauty in Detail
The smallest things make
the biggest difference.

Bespoke Suits

The bespoke suit is a distinctive garment making it an ‘object of desire’ for the true connoisseur with a passion for the handmade and an eye for refinement.

A quality tailored garment is not only a thing of beauty in its entirety…but it’s also beauty in the details.

The final outcome is a garment made in the ‘old world’ tradition, like Saville Row, London 200 years ago before they had all the clever machines to mass produce clothing (a fraction of the time it takes to handcraft a garment).

These features are not only evident to the eye but provide the wearer with uncompromised comfort.


Available in any fabric, we recommend choosing from an extensive assortment of the finest fabrics in the world.

Luxurious, Super 130’s, 140’s & 150’ from Zegna, Di Prima, J&J Minnis Saville Row & Barberis and Super 170’s from Loro Piana.

tailored suits

tailored suits
loro piana
ermenegildo zegna
vitale barberis canonico
basted lapels

Basted Lapels

This famous lapel is created by attaching the canvas to the lapels (by hand) with a degree of tension so that the lapel rolls gently toward the break point.

collar attachment

Collar Attachment

Attaching the collar entirely by hand optimizes the distribution of the fabric and lining resulting in a perfect fit.

canvas interlining

Canvas Interlining

In all our hand-made jackets, we use various layers of canvas interwoven with horsehair. This ensures that the front piece of the jacket molds to fit the shape of the body after it has been worn a few times…and that the shape maintains its integrity with absolutely no fusing or gluing.

pic stitch

The AMF (pic stitch)

Our garments are finished by hand as can be seen in the subtle desired irregularity of the stitching.



The armholes are sewn by hand using the proper stitch and tension to allow for maximum comfort and durability.

roped shoulder

Soft Hand Sewn Shoulder

You may choose the elegant Neapolitan with detailed top stitch for a unique custom finish.



We offer a selection of the finest shell, shank and genuine Italian horn.



Sewn completely by hand, our buttonholes represent the pinnacle of our craft and is recognized and appreciated by the true connoisseur.

bespoke suit