Focus on Your Personal Style, Not Trends


As you might have noticed, in menswear there are many options. Often misleading, unusual or time sensitive fashion is found in modern magazines and some stores. A gentleman, if he feels that it's required to pay attention to them, can be confused and overwhelmed. An important element to achieving confidence in one's appearance is simple: wear correctly fitted garments that are age appropriate. If you are looking to set trends or are in the fashion industry, you can disregard this message.

It's ideal to understand your environment, your work related dress code and sense of adventure. It's interesting when you see the CEO of your firm by chance, over the weekend or after hours, wearing a motorcycle jacket or jeans and a T-shirt. Both completely acceptable looks, however, if the executive is buttoned up all week, it's somewhat off-putting and intriguing at the same time. Having a personality reflective of your wardrobe is a nice element of one's self. A man isn't required or expected to reinvent himself as the years pass. He is often complimented and rewarded for looking great, making an effort or buying new clothes because it is rare and refreshing when a man cares about his appearance and overall presentation. It's an outward gesture that details matter. How often do you see a nice looking lady, dressed well and really put together for an evening out and the man is wearing jeans and a polo? 

Things to consider when upgrading or contemplating change for yourself:

1) what will be useful in my daily routine?

2) comfort

3) affordability. 

It has been said that the cheap comes out expensive; invest in good quality, classic garments. You don't often need multiple items, just a couple of high quality ones. They will last longer and provide you with a more enjoyable wearing experience. Depending on your lifestyle, a couple of suits, a blazer and a sports jacket with coordinating, properly tailored shirts as well as two or three well cared for shoes are in order. And finally, don't forget about your jeans update...jeans unfortunately are built to last and men rarely throw them away until they have holes or become tattered. When should you wear a sports jacket? When you want to look great and everyone else is wearing a sweater or windbreaker. Paired with a pair of comfortable jeans and a loafer, it's damn attractive to your wife, girlfriend and coveted by your buddies...especially a well tailored one.

Menswear is simple and easy to coordinate. We encourage you to stay within your comfort level for 80% of your purchases and for the other 20%, imagine what would get a positive and exciting response from your significant other. Keep things interesting but obviously tasteful. Blue, gray and earth tones go a long distance for a gentleman. Not every man needs a navy blazer with brass buttons either. In fact, we strongly encourage you to forget about it completely. It was designed decades ago for the yacht club, private social clubs or schools. The buttons once had significance. It's not a mandatory item and is extremely dated. However, you'll find this very garment in many gentlemen's closets and available in nearly every department store. It's a misguided attempt to look the same as others.

Many men spend time and money on the gym membership, working out, eating healthy and staying fit however, many wear ill fitted (boxy) suits or blazers. Reward yourself for reaching and maintaining your goals with a new wardrobe. It doesn't have to be custom, or even from Daniel George, but enjoy looking as good as you can for as long as possible. It makes getting ready in the morning and subtle glances in the mirror throughout the day a bit more interesting. Don't think of it as vanity but healthy pride. You work hard and deserve it!