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Dormeuil for Daniel George

Daniel George proudly offers the Dormeuil collection of fine, hand-crafted wools.

The House of Dormeuil (pronounced door-may) started importing fine English wools to their atelier in Paris in 1842. By 1871, they had expanded the business to London’s tailoring district, and in 1880 they expanded across borders into Asia. They opened their first U.S. showroom in 1907, located on Fifth Avenue in New York City.

The house is known for having some of the best cloth in the world and constant innovations in sourcing, production, and finishing of fabrics.

We enjoyed watching this video that depicts where they source their Tonik Wool, and how it goes from sheep to suit. By being involved in every step of the process, they can ensure that their materials are ethically sourced and ecologically sustainable.

Next time you visit us, ask about our selection of fabrics from Dormeuil.

Discover the story of the new Tonik® Wool, woven in England with fully traceable Patagonian fibres...

A few of Daniel’s current favorites from Dormeuil:

Focus on Your Personal Style, Not Trends

Focus on Your Personal Style, Not Trends

As you might have noticed, in menswear there are many options. Often misleading, unusual or time sensitive fashion is found in modern magazines and some stores. A gentleman, if he feels that it's required to pay attention to them, can be confused and overwhelmed. An important element to achieving confidence in one's appearance is simple: wear correctly fitted garments that are age appropriate. If you are looking to set trends or are in the fashion industry, you can disregard this message.