Accessories & Fragrance

When getting dressed in semi-formal to formal attire there are several accessories that should be considered and, for most discerning men, never overlooked.

The necktie, pocket square and cuff links add a certain panache that completes the "total image".

These elements speak of your attention to detail, knowledge of style and conveys self confidence.

They are mandatory when attending a formal affair, thoughtful when incorporated with your suit and refreshing when worn with a sport jacket or blazer.

In any case it makes a more uniform ensemble, unique.

The sale of accessories is reserved for custom clothing and shirt clientele.

The service is provided to accessorize the custom wardrobe.

The items will be coordinated and presented during clothing delivery.

To achieve the nonchalance which is absolutely necessary for a man, one article at least must not match.
— Hardy Amies, British Fashion Designer



We offer a selection of handmade Italian belts from premium hides to coordinate with your more casual attire and match your shoes.

Choose from 10 hides in various grains, colors and textures as well as suede. Select stitching color and buckle choices in silver tone, nickel or brass. $175

We now also offer bespoke belts with a DG logo buckle, starting at $295.


ties (1).jpg

Cravatology: Since a necktie should be agreeable to the touch, silk is undeniably the fabric of choice.

The unmistakable qualities of fine silk should produce the sensation of skin touching, therefore the term the industry uses to designate the fabric's weight, feel and texture is called the "hand".

We offer a vast selection of neckties in different widths, fabrics, solids and patterns such as wovens, prints, twills, cottons, dots & neats to name a few.

Cuff Links


We offer a selection of cuff links in a variety of finishes and semi precious stones.

Whether it's a special occasion or you sport them daily, it's a quiet detail that speaks volumes.

"It has been said that watching a gent undo his cuff links is every bit as sensual for a woman as for a man to hear a zipper slide down the back of a dress. "

Regardless of its effect, no form of shirt sleeve closure dresses a man's hand better than a well-fitted French cuff accented by the subtle glamour of its button-hole covered link.

Pocket Squares


We offer a unique collection of pocket squares for your coat breast pocket.

  • Solid satins

  • Fancy patterned silks

  • Hand trimmed cottons and linens

  • Solid and patterned wools

You will also be advised of the ways in which to present the square.

Whether it's your sport jacket, tuxedo jacket or suit coat, a pocket square is always appropriate and a great finishing touch.


Terroso by

Daniel George

Introducing Terroso, the new fragrance by Daniel George.

It opens with notes of citrus and gently leads into the heart notes of pepper and geranium. The body is finished with earthy notes of cedar and vetiver. This audacious and timeless scent is all-season and inviting. Made in Italy.