Custom Overcoats and Topcoats

At Daniel George, we give our clients the best of both worlds by providing custom overcoats that are both stylish and functional. Many men own topcoats that are simply too large for them. These coats can look sloppy and outdated, and they’re less effective in keeping you warm during the cold winter months. When your coat is too large, air and wind can penetrate the shell of the coat and make you cold. We provide our clients with properly fitted coats to help prevent this. With our high-quality custom-tailored coats covering your suit, sports jacket, or sweater, you’ll stay perfectly insulated. The compact nature of your ensemble will have you 10 degrees warmer than your colleagues.

Which coat is right for me? We offer three different outwear styles: The car coat, the topcoat, and the overcoat. The car coat is an independent outwear piece meant to be worn in place of a sport coat in cooler weather, rather than being worn over a sport coat or suit coat. We recommend a hem length just below a man’s seat, which is ideal for a crisp spring or fall day where layering is not required.

The topcoat is a tailored coat with a trimmer silhouette meant to be worn over your suit or sport jacket—think of a proper London gent. We recommend a hem length just above the knee; this is ideal for temperatures between 30 and 55 degrees. Finally, the overcoat is created using a coarse or heavier wool, and the hem length falls below the knee. It’s usually worn over a suit for business in much cooler temperatures.

 At Daniel George, we often recommend a ¾ length topcoat, which is most practical for your suits and more informal occasions. We have a wide variety of styles and colors available. Choose from 100% Mongolian cashmere, cashmere/wool blends, and Australian wool in a variety of colors and patterns to make your look your own. You don’t need to sacrifice style for function. With our fully-insulated custom wool coats, you can keep your style even when temperatures drop below freezing.

A custom-tailored overcoat or topcoat is the perfect piece to complete your ensemble and tie your entire outfit together. Our topcoats are highly versatile, and they can be paired with any outfit. At Daniel George, we create custom overcoats that will help you look your best and stay warm in the winter. Schedule an appointment with our expert team in Chicago or San Francisco.


No animals are harmed in the process of obtaining our cashmere.

They just get a really nice haircut.