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We at Daniel George value transparency and honesty within our reviews. The quality of our garments is indisputable, however we feel our clients continue to return because of our customer service. We welcome and encourage all feedback, so that we can continue to provide the best possible experience at Daniel George.

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"Priceless" is the best word I can use to describe my personal experience(s) at Daniel George. Justin at the Chicago DG has become my favorite men's fashion stylist. His taste is impeccable and friendly, caring demeanor is priceless. Having a stylist like Justin made me come out of my fashion prison. I gave him full control of the design process and couldn't be more elated that I did. 
Daniel, Justin and the entire Daniel George staff take men's fashion and your personal styling with the greatest of pride. It doesn't matter as too your budget, they treat you as you're their sole focus from the beginning to the end of the process. 
I have always been a stylish rack fashion buyer. Having then to take these "rack garments" to be altered to fit my tall and skinny frame. Even then the stuff looked ok, not great. With Justin's help I got amazing Daniel George clothing, tailored specifically for me, that look and feel amazing.

The first suit (Tuxedo) I purchased from DG made me a fan. The second round I bought suits, sport coats, slacks & tailored shirts and was blown away. I can't say enough good things about my experience with Justin, Daniel and the entire DG team. I'm not only a fan but customer for life now. 

See some of my personal pics attached to get an idea of how they made me look. If you take anything from my rambling in this review. Don't deny yourself the experience, at least once in your life, it's truly priceless.

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I have to say I went with Daniel George because of the fabulous Yelp reviews and he did not disappoint.  Without getting into much details some things hit a snag with times, Daniel stepped up and called me personally to apologize, he more than made things right and am very grateful for that.  Honestly, the whole staff exceeded my expectations and it looks like they have a earned a lifetime customer.

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For years my husband wore off the rack suits that looked just ok despite spending a fair amount on both the suit & alterations. For our wedding he decided to go custom and based on all the review Daniel was the obvious choice. Daniel is simply amazing. Over the last few years we have completely replaced his entire wardrobe with D.G. suits. The fabric is beautiful, the suits fit fantastically and Daniel's staff is lovely. I love Daniel & I wish he made different types of clothing so I never had to go anywhere else.

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I am writing this review a few months after purchase, but my wife and I felt that we needed to recognize the amazing experience that Daniel and his team provided us for our wedding. 

I came to Daniel after engaging in one of the worst customer experiences with a "premium custom suit" retailor in the Chicagoland area. Daniel was understanding and did everything in his power to provide me with a different experience. He met with both my wife and I on a few different occasions and delivered on everything he said. 

When I picked up my wedding suit, it absolutely exceeded my expectations. I had seen other photos online, but to see his work in person was something special. The suit was delivered on-time and fit perfectly from head to toe. The results were far beyond my expectations. 

In addition to the product, Daniel and his team delivered world class customer service! 

Not only will I be back to buy from Daniel George again, I will not be purchasing a suit anywhere else. 

Thank you to Daniel and everyone on his team!

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After an exhaustive search, my fiancé and I decided to use Daniel George to make her the suit she would wear on our wedding day. It was a gamble because Daniel told us upfront that he was not overly familiar with the female silhouette but he would try given our goals of creating a more masculine ensemble. I am so glad we bet on DG because he knocked it out of the park and created for us exactly what we had envisioned. He was worth every penny. The entire staff is friendly and accommodating. Daniel was so personable and we walked out of there wanting to be his friend. Do yourself a favor and call them today if you are in the market for bespoke clothing.

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I went here with my fiancé then, my husband now, for his wedding suit. I am a very meticulous person and I must say that I was really impressed by his work. The suit fits perfectly and it may be my favorite now. To say that I'm satisfied would be an understatement. His work was really amazing and my husband really looked good during our wedding. I would definitely recommend Daniel George and his team for a great job and wonderful experience.

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I already posted a review on Google (, but I just have to repost it here because I really loved their service.

Daniel is so easy to work with. He knows what's best for each body type and complexion. He did a great job recommending and suggesting what is suitable for me and in the occasion. And the most important thing is that he knows how to deliver.  During my first fitting, I was so impressed by the output. I really liked the fit and the quality of the suit. I received lots of compliments during my wedding. I would definitely go back to their shop. The team was really professional and fun to work with. I received the suit on time and I would say that my overall experience is awesome.

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Before going to Daniel George, I only wore a suit when necessary. It had always been difficult to find a suit that looked good and that I enjoyed wearing.

I am happy to say that I am now fully converted. The suit I received from Daniel George is perfect. I often wear it even when I don't have a meeting or any other occasion or dress up - it is simply the sharpest and most comfortable option in my wardrobe.

The fitting experience was also excellent. Every detail has been considered by Daniel George and his team. I look forward to returning many times in the future.

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If you're looking for a A+ experience, look no further. My husband only gets his suits from Daniel and he looks amazing in every one of them. Their customer service is top notch and their knowledge and experience is the best around. Daniel gives his honest opinion always and will not steer you wrong. The look, fit and detail of Daniel's suits are beyond expectation every time. 

Thank you Daniel and team!

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Daniel and his team are great! I was looking for the best 3-piece suit for my wedding which I could use for work as well. I spoke with a few tailors in Chicago and felt most comfortable with Daniel. Working with him was a delight. He helped me make decisions when I felt stuck and listened to my concerns about fit and gave me exactly what I needed. Even after my wedding, Daniel helped me when I was concerned my suit was damaged by my dry cleaner. He took my jacket to his cleaner and had it back to me, good as new. He also gave me some quick tips on taking care of high-end fabrics. Also, I think it's great that he offers his clients adjustments and is open to revisiting fit at any time. Daniel and his team knocked it out of the park. My DG garment is my favorite in my closet. I look forward to working with them in the coming years.

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I am a firm believer in any man looks phenomenal in a well fitted suit, and Daniel delivers.  I cannot speak to Daniel and his staff enough.  From the moment we walked into his space to getting the finished product, his team was absolutely amazing.  I want to especially thank Justin, he was our consultant and was absolutely stellar.  The attention to detail was impeccable.  You will not be disappointed!  You get what you pay for and one of Daniels suits is worth every penny.  When I saw my guy in his suit, my mouth literally dropped open.

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Daniel George and his team not only created a perfectly fitted custom tuxedo and shirt for my wedding, but their customer service throughout the process completely exceeded my expectations. It was obvious from the first meeting to final pickup that they took pride in their work, had incredible attention to detail, and wanted me to look my best on the day of the wedding. They provided great insight and consultation on everything from the shoes and cuff links I wore all the way down to the color of the pocket squares of my groomsmen. Daniel was at every fitting and him and his teams confidence and knowledge along with their lighthearted humor made the process fun, exciting, and stress free.

I would highly suggest Daniel George to anyone looking for a unique and personal custom suit or tuxedo. Both the quality of the product and quality of service will blow you away. Thank you Daniel and team!

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Our experience with Daniel George is unparalleled to any other shopping experience. I went there with my husband so he could get a custom suit - we wanted him to have one really great suit for professional occasions. Daniel made us feel special - it was clear we weren't rich, and that this was a singular purchase for us, but he didn't dial back on his service at all - nor did he try to up-sell us. He patiently helped my husband pick out a jacket, pants, shirt, tie, and shoes, and not only did he tailor them to fit my husband spectacularly (truthfully I had no idea the difference tailoring makes!), but he also made adjustments for my husband 2 years later when he dropped 25 pounds, free of charge. This suit was one of the best investments we have ever made. Thank you Daniel!

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I've been a loyal Daniel George customer for over three years and my only regret is that I didn't discover him sooner. It started with a few custom shirts than a sports coat, followed by the tuxedos for my wedding, and now he can take credit for my entire professional wardrobe! DG's style is exemplary and ahead of the curve. With my demanding travel schedule, it's comforting to know that I can rely on his professional team to meet my needs and always in a timely fashion. 

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My husband and I went to Daniel George Custom Suits to look around and consider a custom suit.  I was absolutely wowed by Daniel, his staff, the quality of the experience and of course the amazing suit Daniel designed and made for my husband.  He has never looked better in a suit and he wears suits every day!  The quality of the fabrics, the design and the tailoring are phenomenal.  We have returned for every suit my husband has bought since purchasing that first suit.  I even sent my father to have a suit made by Daniel George as a birthday gift.  My dad was overwhelmed also by the entire experience.  There is no other place I would go to have suits made for my family members! 
I recommend Daniel George Custom suits to everyone!

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Being a masculine dressing woman, I knew from the start that I would need a suit custom made to my body in order for it to look appropriate on my wedding day. I was worried that any place I went to would try to put me in a feminine pant suit or an oversized boxy jacket. I made an appointment with Daniel George with low expectations. I was shocked to find Daniel George himself sitting at the table for my appointment. I told him what I was looking for and I could tell from that very first meeting that he knew exactly what I was wanting. When I came back for my fitting I was absolutely blown away with the suit I was given! DG and his crew absolutely nailed it! Not only did they get the suit perfect, but I also requested a personal touch on the inside as a dedication to my late father and they were more than happy to oblige. To some it's just a suit, but for me, it's so much more than that. This is the suit I'll be wearing when I marry my wife. Speaking of marrying my wife, not once did ANYONE at DG make us feel unwelcome for being a lesbian couple. If you're not apart of the gay community, you would be surprised how often this happens in 2018, especially when a wedding is mentioned. My fiancé and I both felt safe and welcomed with open arms. This is definitely the first of many purchases from Daniel George. If you're looking for a clothier, do yourself a favor and stop looking and just book your appointment with Daniel, Seriously.

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One of the best decisions of my life was choosing Daniel George to fit me for my wedding.

I had a concept and Daniel guided me through it. From the fabric, stitching, and custom elements, coupled with the knowledge, passion, and attention to detail - I knew I was going to be the best-dressed person in the room. Incredible experience!

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I have purchased a suit, sportcoat, seven shirts, and seven pairs of pants from Daniel.  I must say - best clothes I have ever had.  I get great comments from people, too.  Daniel is personally great to work with - lots of class and style.  He listens well and makes it work for you.  His staff is great, too.  I think they all work well to provide a great customer experience.  I will keep doing my shopping at Daniel George.

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Daniel and his staff provide a high end experience and you leave with an amazing wardrobe. He helped me choose a wardrobe that was specific to my needs and everything is such high quality that I don't think I could ever purchase another suit anywhere else. On top of all of that they remain available to you after you leave to tailor every piece of clothing that they give you so that everything fits perfectly. They stand behind their products and really care about their customers.

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Over the last 3 years Daniel George has made several suits, sport coats, slacks, and shirts for me.  I literally travel halfway across country for fittings, so I'm obviously very pleased.  From start to finish, the client experience is the best I've found and the fit, style, and quality are excellent.  Best of all, I feel great in his garments.

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I have been going to Daniel George  for suits for about 2 years now, and I felt it was warranted to write a review on not only how much I like the suits, but also on the exceptional customer service.  Over the past two years, Daniel and his staff have educated me with the different looks / style on how a suit should fit / feel / and look, that I couldn't be more satisfied / impressed with every suit that I have purchased from him.  What stands out to me even more, is the exceptional customer service they provide.  I am known to be a perfectionist, and that even carries with me when it comes to my suits and how they look.  There have been  times where I have brought a suit back for alternations "multiple times" and I never get any grief from the staff, they never make me feel like I'm a pain in the ass.  What they do is always stress to me that they want to make sure I love the suit, and will make sure it fits the way it is suppose to and the way I like.  Sometimes you receive that type of service as a first time customer, but not with them.  As I said before, their eye for style and perfection is spot on, and it's one of many reasons why I will continue to buy suits from them.  Everybody that works there is great, and they continue to impress.

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Best suit in my closet. Have tried others but once your fitted with a suit from Daniel no others compare.  Very friendly people,  they make sure you leave looking and feeling like a million bucks !!

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I have purchased two suits from Daniel George and couldn't be happier with the results.  The team at Daniel George is professional, helpful, accommodating, and friendly.  They make the whole process easy.  I will be purchasing other items from them in the future.

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Had my tuxedo and custom suit for my wedding made here and they did a phenomenal job! I couldn't be happier with my items and the compliments were many!

Thanks, Daniel and crew! You helped to make my day a very memorable one!

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Daniel George is the bespoke men's clothier I didn't even know I needed.

After looking online and at the major stores for a suit/tux for my wedding, I was feeling morose about the state of mainstream men's fashion. Service was terrible, fabrics felt cheap, and the clothes never fit well. Most places seemed more excited about selling you two crappy suits for as cheap as possible instead of making you look amazing in one perfect suit. No sense of love, care, or craftsmanship in making clothes for men.

When a coworker randomly recommended Daniel George, I immediately dismissed any notion of a bespoke suit as something only the superrich could afford, but I was surprised to find on his website that he offered packages that were by no means out of reach. Even more surprising was that I could actually meet with Daniel himself. I was skeptical, but I scheduled an appointment.

Boy am I happy I did. The entire experience, from start to end, was phenomenal -- customer service like out of a movie from some golden age of customer service where people were treated as human beings, not material consumers. Daniel was knowledgeable, funny, smart, accommodating, flexible, attentive to detail, and clearly ran a tight ship. He had a wonderful staff of several friendly, smart, and responsive assistants as well as on-site tailors who were willing to get creative when challenged. 

Case in point: I wanted to surprise my fiance by putting our homespun "family crest" on the inside of my suit jacket. Daniel's team was game. They jumped into action and researched and experimented with how they might translate my Adobe Illustrator file into a fabric reality. The result was great, and such a lovely detail with which to surprise my newly wed wife.

I ended up having three or four in-person meetings with Daniel and his team, all just to make sure every detail about the suit was as perfect as it could be. And when I was struggling to figure out what kind of ties to get for my groomsmen, Daniel worked with me to provide matching blue ties at a price within my budget. It all paid off in the end. I can't tell you how comfortable, confident, and handsome it made me feel to wear such a gorgeous, and perfectly fitting outfit on my very special day. So many people came up to me afterwards to compliment me on the suit, and also how well it complemented my wife's dress. The attached pictures I think really capture just what a stunning shade of blue it was, and all the detail in the fabric. Even just the little things -- like Daniel knowing to use an off-white ivory shade instead of a pure white for the shirt  -- made such a difference in the end.  

To be fair, you will spend more at Daniel George than you would online or at the big boxes, but you will be glad that you did. If you are getting married, think of this not as another expense in a painfully long list of wedding expenses but as an investment in looking as handsome as possible on your big day. Think of it as a gesture of respect toward the person you are about to marry, who, in all likelihood, is spending as much if not more on a dress. Or even if you're just looking for a suit for work or occasional wear, it still makes so much sense to me now to spend more on a suit you'll actually love and wear for years if not decades, than to skimp out on the best two-for-one deal you can find in some warehouse.

If you're a man living in or around Chicago, you should definitely buy at least one of your suits, and maybe all of them, from Daniel George. Long live quality custom menswear.

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So, if you are searching for a place to get a suit, then search no more. Daniel George ,by far, is the best place in chicago. The attention to detail that Daniel emphasizes is unmatched . I can not put to words how impressed I am with my custom made suit that he tailored for me. Every opinion that he relayed to me from the shirt to the tie and to the shoes was a home run. I will definitely being coming back to him for more.  There just isn't another place I would go to after this experience with Daniel George. Thanks for making my wedding day special and see you soon!

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Well I decided to get a custom suit for my wedding coming up in October. After weeks of reading yelp reviews, searching the internet, and calling different clothiers in the city (Chicago) I finally landed on Daniel George. Boy, I sure am glad I did. First off, you get to meet with Daniel personally, who in my opinion, is very helpful, personable, and skilled in his profession. We sat down, he listened to my input, he added his own input and expertise, and he designed a killer suit for me. Easily one of the nicest and best fitting pieces of clothing I've ever worn and probably ever will wear. I'm so excited for this suit it's going to be hard to wait until our wedding. Yes, the price point is a bit high, but you're really getting what you pay for here (HIGH QUALITY). I wanted to order another suit right off the bat, but my fiancé might have killed me. Men, they say you should have at least one custom fitted suit in your lifetime and I highly recommend you get that bad boy from DG.

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I recently graduated and will need to wear suits to work. I've bought all of my previous suits off the rack and had them tailored, but they still never quite fit. I have a fairly slim frame and all of the suits I bought had shoulder pads that made me look like a wannabe linebacker. It wasn't until I tried on my suit from Daniel George that I realized just how well a suit can fit. 

In addition to the suit itself, Daniel made the process incredibly easy. Going into the initial meeting, I had no idea what to expect. His knowledge and expertise (and frankly, his quirky attitude) made the meeting casual and comfortable. He got a feel for what the suit would be used for and offered suggestions on everything from the lining to the material.  However, at no point did I feel pressured to go a certain route; he truly wanted me to love my new suit. Overall, the experience was informative (I hope I learned something about suits) and cordial.

When the time comes to get another suit, I know I will be returning to Daniel George. I cannot recommend Daniel enough to those looking for a new suit or to update their wardrobe.

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Great experience. Great price. Best in the business.

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Everything I expected and more. Choosing Daniel George for custom suiting was a no brainer. The website covered 95% of the things I wanted to see in a custom clothier. You are buzzed in for a private appointment for a truly unique and tailored (no pun int.) experience. Daniel was fun to work with, Shelly made it all happen, Justin intercepted when Daniel was gone and exceeded my expectations and Amanda was spot on with her thoughts on adjustments as a tailor. I am more specific than most as to what I want and they were able to do it all, given my choices are not outlandish. I look forward to making Daniel George as my custom clothier.

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I flirted with the idea of getting a custom tuxedo for my wedding. I found Daniel George in my initial search but quickly assumed they would be out of my price range. I visited a few other "custom" shops in Chicago and was discouraged. At both places, I got a bit of a used car salesman vibe. The people I talked to didn't seem to know much about suits and were pushy to make the sale. Worst of all, despite calling themselves custom clothiers, they weren't willing to make even small modifications to their templated design.

I decided to at least call Daniel George before giving up. I was surprised when Daniel himself answered the phone. After a quick chat, I knew this was going to be a different experience altogether.

At Daniel George, there are no salesmen or rigid templates. You deal with Daniel directly and he's there to guide you in the right direction every step of the way. He is flexible enough to make sure you get what you want while having enough expertise to know when to push you out of your comfort zone. And, his shop is impeccably designed and decorated which just enhances the experience.

We built my tuxedo from the ground up. He offered stylistic advice about shoes, accessories, and black tie rules in general. Daniel, along with Shelly, were friendly, professional, and met every deadline they set. And, for the quality you get, the tuxedo was surprisingly affordable (more so than the other two lesser places I looked at).

Oh, and the tux fits perfectly. It's the beginning of my future collection of Daniel George suits. I cannot recommend Daniel and team enough.

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Daniel's store embodies what I believe every adult looks for when shopping for a quality suit. Even beyond the professional level of service and quality of staff, this review focuses on the actual product itself: the custom suit. Being custom, it's not only built to fit your body (which I think any decent tailor/ custom suit builder should be able to achieve), Daniel puts in an effort to satisfy his customer's wishes for style, look, colors, and finesse. Every detail of the suit is carefully considered, from the size of the lapels, to the decorative details on the lining.

Although this review may sound exaggerated, it really is just a result of the quality of work received. I rarely review on yelp, so this is just a testimony to how impressed I am with the product (to actually not be lazy and write a review). I highly recommend spending a little extra for a bespoke (still less than 2,000) suit, as it is ultimately worth it, as the suit will match exactly how you envision your ideal suit to be.

Good job, Daniel.

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Daniel and his team are 100% professionals!  They get the big things and the little things all right both with the suits themselves, and with the process of working with them.  A truly consultative approach to ensure they understand your needs and limits, and bringing in their deep fashion knowledge in the most practical way.  You are greeted at the door with a handshake, and even have a great appointment reminder system.  The suits look great, are of excellent quality, and the team ensures that the fit is perfect and that you are satisfied before you walk out the door. I would highly recommend to anyone who wants great clothes and wants to enjoy the process along the way, or just wants a new suit and to meet some nice people while doing so.

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Before I discovered Daniel George I had a closet full of dark blue and gray suits, one navy blazer and several shades of solid shirts.  I have to wear a suit often to work but I never enjoyed it because they didn't quite fit correctly or they were just boring.  

All that has changed now that I have become a Daniel George client.  He has helped me select garments that I would have never picked myself.  I am now looking for reasons to wear my new clothes and everywhere I go people compliment my attire.  Daniel is a master at knowing his clients style and showing them options that compliment their personality.  

I can't recommend Daniel enough to anyone looking for a wardrobe upgrade or just a signature suit for special occasions.  I wouldn't work with anyone else and am looking forward to my next visit.

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Daniel George is the best. My office has a dress code of suits and ties, so we need someone who can make us look good! After using several different tailors, we were looking for someone who could deliver a suit that not only looked good, but felt good. If you are going to buy custom, you want it to feel custom. This may sound like common sense, but after using several different tailors, I found that finding someone who can actually make a suit that fit right and felt right was hard. My experience with Daniel and his team exceeded my expectations. His suits fit like a glove and they have amazing customer service. There is no reason to look anywhere else!

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I had a great experience with Daniel and his staff.  I went in needing a suit for a friends wedding and ended up ordering a second suit as soon as I picked up the first one based on how great the final product fit.  Everyone at Daniel George was great throughout the process and all dates / deadlines were met as promised.  I will be going to back for additional pieces in the future.

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Daniel and his team deliver a professional and passionate experience. I came in for a suit , potentially some shirts, and maybe a sport coat. The team was professional, witty, and clearly passionate about their work. After meeting with Daniel and discussing my options I walked out of the first meeting having been fit for a suit, 3 shirts, and a sport coat, had a few laughs and a beer or two and let the DG team do their thing for about 6 weeks. 

As promised, weeks later Daniel's team reached out to coordinate a first fitting. I showed up and my garments were beautiful. A great fit, sharp, comfortable, and stylish. I had some tasteful fun with my selected jacket interiors and everything looked tremendous. Daniel recommended a small button realignment on both jackets, and was empathetic towards my (not that important but nice to have) ask of having the garments ready for a conference I happened to be attending 8 days later...he was more than willing to make it happen.

I picked up my things on Saturday and got to rock my sport coat and some shirts throughout the week at the conference...the compliments and asks on my sport coat were an hourly occurrence.

I'll be back for more without a doubt, Daniel runs a great business and creates an infectious and passionate atmosphere in his showroom....also they're damn good at what they do.

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I had the pleasure of meeting Daniel a few years ago and have had him design some amazing suits for me.  I can't say enough how much I love my clothes and, in general, the experience at Daniel George.

Daniel has an impeccable eye for fashion and he and his team are a pleasure to work with. You will not go wrong having Daniel George make a custom outfit or wardrobe for you.

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Let me tell you something about Daniel George....

Prior to meeting Daniel I spent countless hours driving from the northern suburbs to two other custom clothiers in downtown Chicago.  One only allotted me time with a 21yo who knew nothing about how men dress (although she wreaked of 'fake it 'til you make it).  The other was a long-standing Chicago institution, however the shirts I ordered were only marginally better in quality when compared to my typical Nordstrom fare, yet cost 2-3 times as much.

I came to Daniel in need of a custom sport coat.  I'm fairly easy to fit for a shirt or trousers, yet even the most "slim-fit" sport coat makes me look like I'm wearing the Liberty Bell.  Daniel took one look at the off-the-rack sport coat I wore into his gallery and gave me countless reasons why it was all wrong for my body shape.  And you know what?  He was absolutely right.  I sat down with Daniel and one of his staff and we designed a blue wool sport coat with an appropriate contrasting color for the lining and button stitching.  I finalized my order on February 23rd with a 'must-have' date of no later than April 20th.  Daniel had me back for my first fitting review on April 6th, and the coat was delivered on April 18th, as promised.

To the reader:  I'm a 46yo father of two.  I'm a bit more conservative than most people in my wardrobe and not whom one may consider "custom clothing material" (think more Nordstrom or Mark Shale (may they rest in peace)).  Daniel's guidance resulted in a sport coat that easily takes 15 pounds off my shape, and it has made me feel like I did 20 years ago.  The entire process and end product have made me want to take better care of myself so that I look and feel better about how I appear in front of my friends and clients.

Kudos to Daniel for the care and quality of product he provides to his clients, and kudos to his staff for how they tolerate those of us who email relentlessly with questions and freak-outs.  For those of you who are tired of spending tons of money on so-so fitting clothing simply because it's on sale, you're much better off spending more on a few pieces that will make you look and feel that much better about yourself.  And for those who can't help but whine and complain about unrealistic turnaround times and expectations, please take your business elsewhere so that those of us who appreciate quality and hard work can move forward.

Successful people do what unsuccessful people don't do.  Daniel George is the successful person who will help you look and feel better about yourself, period.  Thank you Daniel.

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Daniel has an eye for fashion.  You can immediately tell by looking at him that he knows what is on trend and what will fit you.  I had a 3 piece custom suit made for my wedding and was very pleased.  The price was great and the quality was excellent.  Turn around time, fittings, and alterations were very quick.  They were always quick to respond to my questions and offer a wide range of accessories to tie your whole look together.

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Daniel George and team are among the best in Chicago. I have worked with them on multiple occasions. They craft elegant and in the moment suiting from countless fabric options and carefully advise how to custom finish each and every detail to a bespoke level. Daniel is tremendous with design, style, cut and color combinations for each and every environment. They have a beautiful showroom resplendent with fine accessories to compliment their clothing. It is clear to me that with their intimate attention to my needs, their aim is to exceed expectations, no matter how particular the commission. It is with profound confidence that I recommend Daniel George and his team for their tailored clothing.

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I have been a customer here for 2 years.  I started off with the package of 2 sport-coats with pants and shirts. Every time I wore the sport-coats someone would come from across a restaurant or bar to ask me where I got them. Now I have purchased a suit, 8 sport-coats, 4 pairs of pants, and 40 shirts. I still have the same experience every time I wear one. He has great taste and will pick out complimentary colors and patterns to suit you best. They fit perfectly and will never be mistaken for chain store items. I have referred several friends there as well, and they have had the same excellent experience.

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A few years ago I had a severe bicycle accident that left one shoulder disfigured and atrophied.  After I spent half as much as the purchase price altering an off-the-rack jacket to try to get a reasonable fit, I decided to give this fit challenge to a custom suit maker.  I chose Daniel based on all the excellent Yelp! reviews.  

He explained how he could build a jacket that would make my shoulders look much more even with a very small pad and custom dimensions over the bad shoulder.  He then took the time to understand my taste and needs in clothes, which, being a senior partner at a major Chicago law firm, tended toward the conservative.  He showed me a variety of appropriate fabrics and steered me toward fabrics that would stand up to constant use, which happened to be in the lower end of his price spectrum.  He also laid out a plan for a couple more suits and jackets to round out the wardrobe.  

I was simply stunned when the suit came in--the shoulders fit perfectly, with no crease or fold over the smaller shoulder.  As I recall the jacket needed a tweak to the sleeves, but otherwise the suit fit perfectly.

Since then I have added another suit, two sport coats and a pair of dress pants, all of which fit exactly right and as important, are wearing like iron.  

With the sport coats, Daniel gently encouraged me to be a touch more expressive in my fabric selections, and his advice has been terrific.  Instead of a Brooks Bros. clone for a navy blazer, he found a fabric that was a bit more toward royal blue than deep navy, and had a bit more texture.  From a distance it is indistinguishable from a more traditional option, but up close it's more interesting.  For the second sport coat, he suggested and I agreed to a bolder grey and navy pattern that had me worried, when I walked out of the fitting, that I'd made a bad mistake.  But when I slipped the coat on, I loved it, and more important, so did my wife.  It's become my favorite jacket.

Daniel has complete command of his business, and he has impeccable taste.  Each time I have worked with him, he has applied that taste to meet my needs and taste.  That's a rare skill, and I recommend Daniel very highly.

Since I bought my last garment I have moved away from Chicago.  I now travel regularly to the Bay Area on business.  I hold Daniel in such high regard that I will aim to meet him on one of his periodic visits to San Francisco the next time I need a jacket or suit.

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Daniel George is THE MAN. He recently made my suit for my wedding as well as a few other pieces for me and each of them surpassed my expectations. He has also made all of my father's suits over the years and they have been absolutely fantastic. He really takes the time to understand what you want and provide honest opinions/expertise while always maintaining a focus on your vision. I would highly recommend him for the personalized service, price, and responsiveness to both inquiries and feedback. Stop reading this and call DG.

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I had a very bad experience with Daniel. I was up front and honest with Daniel and his team about what I was looking for and when I needed my suit for my wedding. They aren't honest, I was told yes they will get me a suit when I need it by before I ever came in for my appointment. When I came in they told me we could do it and the date Daniel gave me was 10 days before my event, he wanted a deposit on the spot but I told him I need to ask my fiancé's opinion before finalizing what pattern choice I want to go with and he said that's fine but we need to finalize it by tomorrow. He rushed me out of his office even though I was still asking questions and I didn't even get the full consultation, which was supposed to be 45 minutes. The next day I called in the morning to ask a few questions and I was told Daniel was busy and would call me back. He called me back a few hours later and told me whatever my choice is needed to be finalized by end of the day. I called back a couple hours before they closed and I'm told they can't get me my suit most likely and will let me know the following day. So that day was today and I was told they can't get my suit in. I told Daniel why weren't you honest with me and he didn't reply to that and said sorry but you can see a guy at Neiman Marcus. I feel very misled because I was nothing but honest and up front but Daniel and his team were not and I was never given an answer as to why they couldn't be honest with me the whole time. I usually do not write a review nor do I want to give anyone a bad rating because I'm a business man myself but I had to comment on this experience. If you are going to be dishonest then you will lose many customers because your word will not be trusted. I'm very fed up with this and I hope this won't happen to anyone else, be aware! Thanks for screwing me Daniel even though you knew it was for my wedding.



I respect your right to review your experience.

It's unfortunate that you felt rushed, however you arrived 25 minutes late for your scheduled hour appointment. I personally see an average of 12 clients per day. We were completely transparent throughout our entire communication process. I told you in advance that your wedding garment would be guaranteed if you placed the order on Tuesday 6/5. Your wedding date is in six weeks and our approximate delivery timeline is six weeks. I was prepared to rush your garment without a rush fee. My concerns during your meeting were the following: 1) you were unable to decide between a black suit or a burgundy dinner jacket with vest and formal trouser 2) your goal to lose 25 lbs in the next 6 weeks which greatly affects fittings and delivery timeline 3) refusal to place a deposit on your custom garment. 

I offered to accept payment and finalization the following morning with the same guaranteed delivery. You continued to debate placing a deposit and fabric choices, and also requested a payment plan. As of Wednesday 6/6, you still had not finalized the garment preference.  Furthermore, you became suspicious that I may hit you with "hidden charges" after payment. 

One should allow 8 weeks for a wedding garment. My guarantee to my clients is a timely delivery of proper fitting garments.  What you perceive as a betrayal was in fact in both of our best interests. When it became apparent that we could not guarantee the turnaround, I offered an alternative that would make sense for your wedding.

Dal, I have a great reputation in this business. I cherish my client relationships and my staff's abilities. Everything that transpired with you was a red flag. I made my final decision not to do business with you when you threatened this review if I did not make you a garment. As a business person and the owner of Daniel George, I stand behind my right to refuse you service. 

I have only refused service twice during my career and I do not regret either decision.


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Was looking for a suit ahead of a friend's wedding next month. Based on their great Yelp reviews, I narrowed it down to two places including Daniel George and one other. Heard someone say a suit may take 6-8 weeks to make so was afraid I'm running out of time. So I called DG first thing in the morning to ask how long the process takes, and the lady said she's just an answering service and doesn't know, and that Daniel was on the phone and will call back right away after he finishes his call. Except I don't hear back, so I try again in the afternoon, and it's the same answering service. The next morning I am in the neighborhood and decided to swing by to say hi since no one returned my call, but the doorman says they aren't in yet (despite the Yelp hours showing they should have been open). I call their number and it's the same answer service who refuses to patch me through because she can only take a number and return a call. 

Based on this unpleasant experience, I went to the other store I was considering and paid for a suit on the spot. I assume Daniel George must have so many customers shopping there that they don't really care about getting new ones. If you are in a hurry or value great service, don't bother with DG because you'll only reach an answering "service".

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I was not sure what to expect as I have never had a fully custom suit or jacket.  I was not able to find anything online so I decided to step up my game with Daniel George.  I had an idea about color and pattern but during my initial consultation, Daniel guided through various ideas and options.  It was refreshing to not only have the owner of a company take the initial meeting, but also speak honestly about his vision.  He could have just sold me what I was seeking like everyone else.  Instead he showed me patterns and colors I was not considering, and I went in a different / better direction.  My advice is to go in with an open mind and let Daniel guide you to looking your best.

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I have had the pleasure of working with DG for the past 2 and a half years.   It started in  a quest to make the perfect wedding suit, and has evolved into a total wardrobe refresh.   I trust him, and his taste implicitly.  My trust has now evolved to the point where he just nailed it in support of my son for his wedding suit !  I am grateful Daniel is  so open and creative as he pushes  me to try more and more new things.  Every visit is a pleasure - with a mix of great advice and ton's of humor.   As a CEO of multiple large service organizations, I can honestly say that Daniel and his team are at the top of my list in terms of premier service.

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Daniel and his team are incredibly helpful and friendly. With a no-pressure environment and someone as knowledgeable and meticulous as Daniel, the experience couldn't have been better. My sports coat and suit turned out better than I could have imagined. Compared to other Chicago custom places, Daniel George is certainly a cut above.

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I began working with Daniel George a year and a half ago. At the time I needed multiple suits and shirts in preparation for a series of job interviews. I called many of the supposed top custom clothiers throughout the city. Just talking with Daniel over the phone, it was clear that he was both knowledgeable and professional. I booked my appointment.

Upon first arriving at Daniel George I was immediately impressed by the quality of the clothing in his showroom. Daniel and his staff were inviting and friendly from the minute I walked into the door. During the appointment, Daniel and his staff helped me choose suits and materials that were both right for me and the occasional I needed them for. As I was new to this level of custom clothing, I was unsure about many of the details to add, such as ticket pockets, whether or not to have belt loops etc. Daniel and his staff carefully explained every option while listening to my concerns. Despite the considerable time they spent with me, I was never made to feel rushed. They did a fantastic job of guiding me towards the options that would be best for me. In the end I yielded to Daniel and his team's expertise and I could not be happier with the result.

The suits and shirts I received from Daniel are by far the best I have ever owned. The fit of each garment is superb. I quickly lost count of the many compliments I received while wearing my new suits. 

Even more impressive is the customer service. Designing clothes with Daniel is always a pleasant experience. He does a fantastic job of steering me towards materials and designs that are right for me while firmly but gently preventing me from ordering anything that would make me look less than my best or be wrong for the occasion for which it is required. Additionally,  Daniel truly stands behind his products.  He and his staff are always happy to answer any questions and quickly resolve any concerns. 

At current, I am eagerly awaiting my next order of shirts, pants, and a sport coat. I have no doubt that they will continue to be of same great quality as my last purchase. I will continue to be using Daniel George for all my future custom clothing orders and would give him my highest recommendation to anybody looking for custom clothes.

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I just picked-up my wedding suit and it exceeded my expectations by a mile. I came to Daniel George very late in the game, just a few weeks before my wedding. Not only did they deliver on-time, they delivered a stunningly perfect suit, from head to toe, matching the style of the Peaky Blinder's television show. 

Although this is the only suit I own, I will be back to buy from Daniel George again. The experience was easy, fun, and quick. The results were far beyond my expectations. 

Thank you to Daniel and his crew!

-Spencer Savoie