Daniel George

Owner & Creative Director

Daniel likes to say he is from the beautiful town of Ridgefield, CT as that's where his young family life began. However, he was mostly raised in Winter Park, FL where he attended Catholic school and studied at USC & Rollins College. Admittedly a mediocre student, he didn't enjoy studying business as his "creative juices" were flowing due to his passion for design and personal style. After college, Daniel spent 15 years of his young life living and working in San Francisco. 

His father was a business executive, originally from Ohio and his mother still lives in central Florida with her loving husband. Both parents were stylish and inspirational for Daniel. His father, a consummate clothes horse, would take him shopping for seasonal wardrobes starting around age 8. He was encouraged to select and coordinate outfits and accessories. Extremely rare then and nearly unheard of now. It's as if his father knew that one day, Daniel would be sought out for those very skills. Although his father passed when DG was a teenager, he lives on in him as DG speaks, dresses, and has the very same mannerisms as his father. 

Daniel enjoys his down time, often explaining apologetically that he disappears from society after 6 P.M. He sees approximately twelve clients in a day and enjoys every minute, however when the day has ended he retreats into his Lincoln Park home and can't be reached until morning. It's as if he's a reverse vampire. Clients and friends often seem disappointed that DG doesn't have a more glamorous "after six"...he says his partying days are over and he's "done it all!" He enjoys traveling, his classic car collection, and close friends and family.